Some people may find this list to be anti-capital punishment. However, if the list was about wrongful convictions where the person is serving life, would this list be anti-prison too? Instead, we hope this list comes across as justice versus injustice. After all, not even the strongest proponents of capital punishment want innocent people to be executed. That would make them no better than the people they are executing.

Wrongful convictions are one of the worst types of injustices because not only is an innocent person punished, but the real guilty party goes free. The situation becomes even more dire when the person is sentenced to death.

These five people are currently sitting on death row and their cases are controversial. What do you think? Are these people guilty or innocent?

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[0:21] Tyrone Noling
[3:20] Billy Kuenzel
[5:19] Richard Glossip
[9:15] Rigoberto Avila
[12:22] Darlie Routier

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