If you wanted to create consciousness right now you’d have to find
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Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

Sarkadi, T. Artificial Consciousness in an Artificial World. Communication Today: An Overview from Online Journalism to Applied Philosophy. 2016

Stars are the lifeblood of the universe.Their energy provides….
partner, initiate freakiness, wait nine months, and there you have it; Consciousness. Life. A sentient being of your very creation borne of flesh and blood. But is this the only way to create a mind? Before mankind attempts to create a form of artificial consciousness, we must first accept that we have a problem. In his paper, “Artificial Consciousness in an Artificial World”, Sarkadi suggests that we must create and inhabit complex and immersive virtual environments if we wish to also create and engage with artificially conscious beings. The creation of consciousness may not involve direct creation, but rather the forming of the ingredients needed for consciousness to create itself.Interaction is key; it is how we know our fellow humans are aware, it is how we know we are alive, and it helps us form an idea of what our consciousness truly consists of.

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