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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

In 100 trillion years, when the last of the stars have died, black holes will be the only sources of energy left in the universe. Any life-forms which are somehow still alive will be forced to move to a world in orbit around black holes, and any life-forms yet to emerge will do so on these planets too. At this point, the Cosmic Background Radiation of the Universe will have faded to nothing. The only way light and energy can be generated is through the accreditation of matter by a black hole, as when gas, rock or cheesecake falls in, it superheats and forms a wonderful, life-giving glow. This is how humans might use black holes as power sources in future, as by slinging in matter we don’t need like trash, Neptune or Shia Laboeuf, we can stimulate a black hole further and force it to expel more energy. In their paper, Life Under a Black Sun, Opatrny, Richterek and Bakala believe that advanced civilizations may construct a Dyson Sphere around black holes rather than suns, with the amount of energy put out several times more than we’d need to power the Earth. A Dyson Sphere is basically a big shell which would capture all the energy expelled by a black hole or a star, and the infrared radiation emitted by such a scheme would be observable by observatories here on Earth.However, if we ever did create such a structure, we should perform due diligence on the black hole first; because for all we know, there may be life within this seemingly unforgiving void. Vyacheslav Dokuchaev is a cosmologist at Moscow’s Institute of Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2011, Dokuchaev published a paper which noted that the internal structure of black holes were complex enough to allow photons, particles and maybe even planets to exist inside them. Such planets, if th

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