The God Particle is the nickname given to a subatomic particle…
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

known as the Higgs Boson, which scientists spent decades trying to find after its existence was suggested in the mid 20th Century. But when the Higgs Boson was finally tracked down we made a shocking discovery. The Higgs Boson has been described by Michio Kaku as the fuse for the explosion which created the universe. Let’s do a little experiment at home shall we?Quantum Tunnelling is a quantum mechanical phenomenon where a particle randomly starts tunnelling through a barrier it should ordinarily not be able to pass through. The Vacuum Decay event caused by the Higgs Boson particle may not be as much of a threat as we made out in our previous entry. Life on Earth has endured five mass extinctions to date. If you are stressed out by the possibility of the end of the world there are many things you can do to hel.

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