Dark energy is one of the most fundamental forces of the universe..
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Thumbnail Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This mysterious power, which may have helped kick off the Big Bang, seems to have played a significant role in creating everything we know; stars, planets, space and even time itself. So if we could use it for our own purposes, what could we do? You can’t harness something unless you know what it is. Oh look, a mysterious energy force. Let’s shove it into a robot and see what happens. In 2012 an astrophysicist called Massimo Villata attempted to identify dark energy as a kind of anti-gravity; a force that not only resists regular gravity, but which actively pushes back on it with a force of its very own.Dr Richard Obousy is a physicist who in 2008 put forward the idea of a dark-energy powered warpship capable of blasting across the universe. The Kardashev scale describes a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement by analysing the amount of energy it uses.

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