The day mankind discovers intelligent alien life out there in the
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

universe will certainly be a momentous occasion, but how we react depends entirely on what they’re doing when we come to observe them.Dr Stephan Jay Olson is a member of Boise State University’s department of Physics, and in his paper, Long Term Implications of Observing an Expanding Cosmological Civilization, he asserts that large, expansionistic alien races are far more likely to be observed than isolated, average civilizations. If an alien race has reached a point where interstellar travel is within their capabilities then it is also assumed they will also have developed a highly refined form of artificial intelligence to work in conjunction with them. If a race of biological or inorganic beings is able to travel between stars or galaxies, it is a pretty safe bet that they know we exist, they know where we are, and they’ve probably got a pretty good handle on what our species is capable of.

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