If you ask someone what they’d do if you could stop time you’ll
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probably get a number of unsettling answers, depending on how perverted that person actually is. But this question may be completely irrelevant, because if you could prevent the inevitable tide of seconds, minutes, hours and days from washing over you, it’s likely you may not be able to do much of anything at all.If we are to suspend belief and imagine that you could stop time then we need to pull some ground rules out of our buttocks to make it work.If you were trapped alongside everyone else inside a time-absent reality, neither you nor anyone else would have any idea what had happened. In our previous entry we described how time would slow down if you travelled fast enough. If you could achieve the impossible and move at light-speed, you could therefore stop time progressing outside of your ship relativistic to you. If you were able to create a device which stopped time in one part of the universe, it’s highly likely that whatever you did would cause the universe to behave in new and bizarre ways.

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