If you think you have what it takes then Techcruel needs you. The AI can only take things so far. Now we need video game news and YouTube news. If you are interested to leave a comment or send a private message to our facebook page.

We have over 6,000 monthly readers and growing month after month!!! TechCruel is a great place to get exposure and have a great time sharing your content. Get new followers and find an audience.

TechCruel is looking for people that want to contribute on a regular basis. The team at TechCruel is working daily to create a fun resource for watching videos and getting news about games, YouTube, and special reports on major fails!!! We have grown over the last year and have a huge following that comes from around the world. Most users watch 2-3 videos and spend 30min to 1hr on the site. This means if you want to share your videos there is a really good chance you will find a new audience. Writing for TechCruel or creating videos to share is a great opportunity for budding talent.

Our numbers go up MONTHLY!!!

If you want to meet interesting people, play video games, and dive deeper into the amazing world of YouTube videos and fail videos. This might be the right gig for you. If you are a high performer that wants to succeed then you are in the right place.

Don’t have experience? — We offer training and support
Worried about something else? — Just ask!!!

To get started we are looking for 4-6 authors to produce between 2-4 pieces of content monthly.

Worried “what will I write about?” Or “What will I talk about?” — Don’t be we have a full list of topics to choose from, instructions on how to get started and many things have provided research or contacts!

Worried “I don’t speak English” — 30% of our viewers and readers are from all over the world!!!! This is the chance for anyone and I mean ANYONE speaking and writing any language to get a start!!!

I’m hoping to find the right person and that could be you to help grow this amazing site and start building a real community!


How will this work?

Once we have our first writer we will add a news section to the site. Then you can start writing about video games, video gamers, new releases, etc. To pick a topic you will be given access to a Google doc with topics listed. If you want to write something not included in the doc then you need to just submit it first for approval.

Does TechCruel pay?

Not yet. We currently do not have enough income for the site to justify paying anyone. However, when we start paying people there will be some sort of compensation for authors that have been loyal to us.

Why should I do this?

That’s up to you. Cold hard fact: no one will ever make you a success in life. Only you can do that. No, I am not saying writing for TechCruel will make you a success, but it will give you exposure to people that are successful and already making it as writers or website owners. We will teach and help you as much as we can. Beyond that the only other reason is exposure. If you have a new channel on YouTube and you want to get in front of 6,000 people (more as we grow each month) then this is your chance. If you want to be a writer because you love video games and want to make money doing or working with something you love again this is a chance. This goes for any of the topics we cover. I have no problem with helping anyone get started by giving them a platform to stand on. We have built websites for our writers, helped them start YouTube channels, and more. Many of them have gone on to make success and it feels good to be a part of that.

Who runs this?

AI don’t you know??? Seriously it’s Dream Season Media LLC. Although we don’t have a lot on our own site, we own a lot of sites… That should changes soon as we are starting to add more helpful resources to the back-end of our site for our writers. If you join you will get access to all of our training that will teach you how to write, how to start a site, and more. You will also get access to our exclusive hidden forums where you can get help and talk with other authors and YouTube celebs etc.

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