Minecraft modded. In this series, we are going to check out one of Minecraft’s most unique mods, Pixelmon, which combines gameplay aspects of Pokemon with Minecraft. VintageBeef has started up a Pixelmon server for a bunch of his buddies to train and compete together to become the top Pixelmon trainer.

Tips and tricks are welcome in the comments. I don’t know most of the details surrounding Pixelmon, but I am aware of some of the combat strategy used in Pokemon games.

Pixelmon: https://reforged.gg/

Pixelmon Let’s Go trainers:
AvidyaZEN – https://twitch.tv/AvidyaZEN
Breon – https://twitch.tv/breon
CaptainSparklez – https://youtube.com/CaptainSparklez2
CiscoStu – https://youtube.com/CiscoStu
C8sun – http://youtube.com/CasunGaming
Dahl Dantill – https://youtube.com/DahlDantillLP
Draax – https://youtube.com/Draaxlp
DrJimJim – https://youtube.com/DrJimJim
Etho – https://youtube.com/EthosLab
FalingDutchman – https://youtube.com/falingdutchman
Flouzemaker – https://youtube.com/Flouzemaker
Fnassau – https://youtube.com/Fnassau
Graser – https://youtube.com/Graser
Guude – https://youtube.com/GuudeBoulderfist
HBomb94 – https://youtube.com/hbomb94
HCJustin – https://twitch.tv/hcjustin
Hefaistros – https://twitch.tv/hefaistros
ItsRitchieW – https://youtube.com/ItsRitchieW
Kiingtong – https://youtube.com/Kiingtong
KingJackOLantern – https://youtube.com/KingJackOLantern
Lapis Lauri – https://twitch.tv/lapis_lauri
MarioMania – https://youtube.com/333aaammm
Micheal https://youtube.com/OmegaGamingLP
MoondustBri – https://youtube.com/briannalovestarblast
Nebris – https://twitch.tv/nebris
OMGchad – https://youtube.com/omgchad
Orepros – https://youtube.com/oreprosbonus
PandaFire11 – https://youtube.com/PandaFire11
Phedran – https://twitch.tv/phedran
PisistratusG – https://youtube.com/pisistratusg
Runwyld – https://twitch.tv/runwyld
Ryuski – https://twitch.tv/ryuski
Sten_Stone – https://youtube.com/sten_stone
TheEndless – http://mixer.com/theendless
TheFuzzyMole – https://youtube.com/thefuzzymole
The Jnx – https://youtube.com/jnxlp
Tiltedwings – https://twitch.tv/tiltedwings_
Unrulybabs – https://twitch.tv/unrulybabs
VintageBeef – https://youtube.com/VintageBeef
Xylophoney – https://youtube.com/XylophoneyGames

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EthoLP
TwitchTV: http://www.twitch.tv/ethotv/

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