Populating a galaxy with human beings might seem like science..
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fiction, but with countries and companies competing to get us off this planet like there’s a bad smell or something, mankind’s first steps towards multi-planetary status may come sooner rather than later.Before we consider the rights and wrongs of establishing human settlements throughout the solar system and beyond, we must first figure out why mankind may wish to do such a thing. Let’s say technology progresses to the point where we get to choose from a number of worlds. Do we go for a barren, rocky world and terraform the heck out of it?Let’s imagine that the human race eventually develops the ability to inhabit multiple star systems.Australia has given the world Wolverine, The Joker, Thor, The Hulk and The Crocodile Hunter. And it managed to do all this despite being used as a place to dump Britain’s criminals in the 19th Century.

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