The idea of a military force weaponising the weather seems like
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something a Bond villain would pull. But the fact that the United Nations sought to outlaw hostile weather modification activities nearly forty years ago is proof if ever it were needed that such technologies are not only possible, but they are being researched and developed today.Anyone who doubts that governments would have an interest in weaponising the weather need only look at the history books to tell you otherwise. The UK’s Ministry of Defence investigated ways of producing artificial clouds to bamboozle German fighter planes during the First World War a hundred years ago. The Americans and Russians both researched weather control during the early stages of the cold war in the 1940’s. And, even though we don’t know if it worked or not, the US genuinely did seek to invoke the early arrival of the Vietnamese monsoon season during the Vietnam War through Operation Popeye. Nobody knows whether any of these weather manipulation techniques worked or not, but one day they will. The question is, who will hold such technologies? And what will they do with them? The first scenario which springs to mind is the use of dramatic events such as lightning, tornadoes or heavy rainstorms to disrupt or destroy an enemy force. With the weather at your disposal, you can create conditions customised to your military objectives. And with a targeted lightning strike, you could wipe out communications or ground units in one fell swoop.But perhaps more frightening is the idea of using weather for political rather than military reasons. If you could magnify the effects of climate change and bring drought or natural disasters to a region, one nation could easily put pressure on the government of another through enforced c

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