In 1957 American morale was at an all-time low. The Russians….
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

had just successfully launched the first man into space, and it seemed likely they’d send the first man to the Moon as well. This simply would not do. The Americans needed a vanity project. A show of strength to prove to the world that Uncle Sam was still totally ripped and badass. To achieve this, the American Government commissioned A Study of Lunar Research Flights, aka Project A119, whose aim was to intimidate the Soviet Union by blowing up the moon with an Atom bomb. Regardless of whether you use a missile, meteor or your mom’s buttocks, the force required to destroy the Moon would see it ripped apart into a maelstrom of rock. After the impact-driven tsunamis caused by huge chunks of Moon slamming into the ocean, Earth will endure a second tsunami that strikes every coastal region on the planet. If the tide of the oceans is altered, ocean currents such as the warm Gulf Stream will also change.As mankind heads for its final days here on planet Earth, we can take solace in the fact that astronomy will now be much easier without the Moon to distract us.

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