Searching for extraterrestrial life in the universe is a pretty arduous
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

task. First, you need to identify where life might have formed. Then, you must scour this planet and a bazillion more before you get lucky and stumble across something which looks like a microscopic organism. But what if this lifeform came with us on the ship? How do we know it got here organically? Where are all the rest of the aliens? Bah, this sounds too much like hard work. Let’s just make a bunch of aliens here on Earth instead, via the exciting new field of Xenobiology.Xenobiology is an offshoot of synthetic biology, which is a cross-disciplinary field involving both biology and engineering.If you want to understand something, you must replicate the process which created it. It’s all well and good looking to the future of xenobiology and predicting what we might discover, how we might use it, and what colour unicorn you’re going to order when science allows for their glorious return to the Earth; but what are we using this technology for now?

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